Topbrick Updates Spring 2016

Hey guys! So first off the good news. TopBrick will be moving back to weekly posts. Now that won’t be weekly reviews because despite my backlog reviewing a set takes a bit longer. The in-between weeks will likely be a mix of reviews, mini-reviews, fan-builds, and a new segment I am developing to go over a certain building technique.

As mentioned in my last post – all TopBrick reviews have been updated with a Page count (which while not a true marker of complexity, is helpful to know how much page turning you need to do). I have also though added the Spectrum section which is setup for each set to easily show the coloring and pieces breakdown.

Best of all because it’s interactive, and the tooltips can show the pieces it makes our little review site a bit more special. The reason being that you can easily and quickly determine a  bunch of things. First if a set has either a wide array of color or, only a few it become much more apparent than a knoll/build picture. Also since it breaks it down by piece this really gets into the ‘hoarding’ part of a set. As any serious builder can tell you – there are certain sets where it’s cheaper to buy that set than struggle buying by part or lot in order to make a decent collection or buy for an upcoming build.

Anyway, I am currently trying to fast-track the Lego Ideas Maze review (which by-the-by is awesome), and don’t be surprised if other JK-Brickworks creations show up here (I am a fan).

Anyway I’m glad that my reviewing (and buying) schedule has aligned to make content more frequent so stay tuned to TopBrick for more Lego reviews and news.

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