Topbrick Updates #7 – Tiny Lego Wonders (Book Review)

Apologies but I’ll be switching the review to next week (meaning you’ll get 2 in a row) – forgot I had a family beach day so I needed a little more time to finish it off. In the meantime though – it’s another Lego Book review. This time instead of being about Architecture it’s focusing on working in the small scale – which is likely one of my favorite aspects of Lego in being able to find just the right piece and scale to make something ‘work’. The book comes to us from Mattia Zamboni via No Starch Press.


The book itself is broken down into a few sections – providing a sort of diorama with a parts list and instructions for models from the diorama. The sections are: Train Station, Airport, Fire, Construction Site, Car Dealer, Race Track, Harbor, Aircraft Carrier, Space, and the Moon Army.

The steps are easy enough, and if I’m honest the best part of this book aside from all the models you can make are the variations provided – with just beautiful images of the sets alone, and even as parts.


I’ve tried to get good shots, but the layout of all the pieces of the small models appeals to me greatly, and every single model page (with the creator) is what turns this from something you could have as a blog or PDF into something you want on your coffee table.

If I had a complaint – it’s that despite being ‘Tiny Lego Wonders’ with a bunch of small scale models – it’s entirely transport based. I admit it’s as diverse as can be in regards to transport, but there’s a lack of things like everyday objects, or buildings, or infrastructure. You get a taste of this with the vignette of each section, but I feel like this either should have been named in regards to focus – or be even broader.

  • Weight: 1039 Grams
  • Pieces: 1 Piece (198 Pages)
  • Price: $17.11 on Amazon
  • Score:

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