Topbrick Updates #5 C-C-C-C-Combo!

Heya folks, so for this week I finally put in action an idea I’ve been kicking around since the site started. In short how to gauge sub-assemblies on a model. As a chainmail enthusiast I can often find sub-assemblies relaxing. I originally tried to include them into ‘Steps’ but that got too unwieldy to do.

So I have now devised a system of (Sub Count X Sub Sum X Books X Rebuilds) which is essentially the number of sub-assemblies, times the sum total (aka if I have 2 x8’s then I have a sum of 16), times how many books there are, and finally times how many rebuilds there are (with instructions only!)

I have now added combo points to the Metrics section (it looks like this: (8X20X1X1) = 160 points) for every post. It’s a fun way to see if posts have a bunch of complex sub-assemblies or if it’s a more bespoke set.

With that in mind let’s compare the lowest and highest score. Coming in with the only 0 at the time of this post is the Seattle Space Needle – which has no combos, 1 book, and no rebuilds. As mentioned on that review though this makes sense because it’s still one of the few sets I feel fits the phrase ‘every piece in it’s place, no where else’.

Then by a landside victory we have the Minecraft 8-in-1 Crafting Box with a whopping score of 40,716. There sheer amount of small assemblies to build the ‘Minecraft Elements’ with the number of redesigns surely put this over the top.

That’s all for this week folks, take your bets though on how high a combo could possibly go with Lego!

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