Topbrick Updates #4 – Kickstart your Brick

Alright, so we finally got to Wall-E, and since we now have sets 21303 and 21305 – next week should be the middle ground right? Yhup expect some timey-wimey reviews in the following week, because honestly – Dalek’s were meant to be made from Lego bricks.

Anyway as long term fans of this site will note – I am totally willing to discuss how people have taken Lego’s to the next level outside of the Ideas platform. So far I’ve gone over Versabricks – which aims to help bridge HotWheels and Kinect to the Lego world, but there’s other things people are doing with these bricks.

I mention this partly because now that I’ve gotten my 3D Printer up and running (it is PLA thought not ABS) it’s likely some future updates will include some original parts ‘suggestions’ to help solve some of the problems Lego building has (I hope).

However there are already existing Kickstarter’s out there – some of which I have backed and plan to review in the coming months. One most notably is Carbon Fiber bricks. Currently though it seems their funding for wheels with Aluminum rims fell through, and their site is offline.

I do however have another Kickstarter that I did back in time, which promises to bring circuitry, and IoT (internet of things) to Lego bricks via Brixo


Considering how some fan creations I’ve seen work (doing things like reversing a motor to generate charge) this concept intrigues me with the kinds of things I can build. If you see or know of any other fan-campaigns to further bricks – please drop us a comment.

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