Topbrick Updates #3 – Illegal Moves

Alright so last week we got through the Maze, and next week we’ve got another review that took me far too long – Lego Ideas’ Wall-E. Don’t worry from now one when I mention a set in the updates it means the review is already done. It also seems that I’ve found and fixed the issue with the Spectrum charts (an issue of reading too far in the CSV file)

This week though we discuss something that I was informed of reading more about JKBrickworks maze, particularly his comparison from his model to the official model. To borrow from the term of Chess, when it comes to official Lego sets – there are rules on what connections you can and cannot make. Some of which are actually quite common in my remixes (which are often very fragile) done simply to make sure all pieces get used.


You should read through the whole presentation, but what makes the connections illegal or ‘out-of-system’ basically comes down to 2 main rules. Does the connection fully ‘click’, and is this connection putting stress that will warp pieces over time. These stress rules are very deliberate, and in fact some even can be broken by the 0.14mm difference caused by having the words Lego printed on the top of a stud.

Know of any other guidelines considered ‘Out-of-System’ not included in this document? Add a comment and maybe over time we can compile an easy to read list/infographic.

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