Topbrick Updates #2 – The Lego Architect (Book Review)

Figured it was time to start just numbering these updates. Anyway as far as the site is concerned – for some reason the new charts are having issues only on the new posts – looks to be some WordPress thing – I’ve a temp measure with some iframes in the meantime till I figure it out. Forget that though – let’s talk about Architecture.


It’s been no secret that I am a massive fan of the Lego Architecture series – as evidenced by only just a few reviews. However a recent book came up in searches for Lego deals – It’s Tom Alphin’s The Lego Architect. The book is a perfect companion piece to Lego’s Architecture Studio (Note: The book itself is not endorsed by the Lego Group)


The book itself goes into detail providing information of Architectural styles, beautiful imagery, Lego sets made in that style, and even the instructions to make a small example of that style. It goes into the styles of Neoclassical, Prairie, Art Deco, Modernism, Brutalism, PostModern, and High-Tech. There is also a ‘Builder’s Guide’ at the end of the book; however I feel like this section could have been expanded even more.

Throughout the book there are small call-outs referring to a quirk of the style, or how certain pieces are used within the style. The small models are a great starting place for the styles (and of course you can build in your own colors instead of white/invisible).

This book is perfect for any coffee table, but as someone who love architecture and Lego? It’s never going to leave it. (Joining some Randall Monroe books, and the Cool Tools books). It’s certainly worth the price point, and stay tuned for a sale.

  • Weight: 361 Grams
  • Pieces: 1 Piece (186 Pages)
  • Price: $16.05 on Amazon
  • Score:

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