Lego Ideas – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) Review


Lego Ideas – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108): Welcome to another fan-favorite review, by which I mean I am such a fan of this set, and it’s gonna bias my opinion. I am a big fan of Ghostbusters and Lego, and much like the DeLorean (which I totally bought after that review) this set hits that perfect strike zone of nostalgia, while also being a solid and perfect size set. It even comes with the nice display area for the figures enforcing that this is not a playset, but something you put on your bookshelf and re-build from time to time.


Time to Knoll: 38 Minutes


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Time to Build: 14 Minutes (People) and 42 Minutes (Car)


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  • Pieces: 508 and 8, 59 Steps – Manual (90 Pages)
  • Price: $49.99 on Lego and $49.99 on Amazon
  • Weight 301 grams
  • Combo Points: (13X38X1X1) = 494 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 128mm x 48mm x 70.4mm, but there’s a bit more so it’s closer to 461.99 cm³




  • Uniqueness: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 4 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 4 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So considering I’m not sure about buying another Ghostbusters set in the near future (as you will see in the coming – uhh months of reviews – may have gone a little crazy). I figured I have to talk about the new movie. There’s been a lot of complaints about how the trailer was cut (something about there being female characters I’m told) However I am decidedly pumped about it, and of course in this review I have to discuss the new car.


You can see a much better breakdown by Jalopnik of the elements, but it’s certainly more angular and oddly less ‘flair’ compared to the original. Of course the community of Lego is lightning fast so there’s already a new Lego Ideas for the new set. I’m not sure if it’s got everything right though – it feels to me lke even though this is simpler there’s be the option to get more of those lines in a larger set. You should back it though because I am clearly obsessed with Lego pop culture cars. (Goes off to order new face/hair combos for his set)



Remix: So with a Ghostbusters build I had the crazy idea to try and replicate the iconic logo. However given a shortage of pieces I can certainly say that this rendition will in fact haunt your dreams. So not ideal, but I’ll take it.



Final Thoughts: I’m so glad I decided to buy this for myself. I was actually considering getting the main headquarters and figured – that’s a bit too pricey (though knowing Lego it will most likely just go up in value), but this was a perfect thing to settle on, and between BttF and Scooby-Doo I now need to dedicate a shelf to classic, iconic cars. (Is so stoked for a Lego Ideas of the Jurassic Park car and the Jeep to pass)

Final Score: 5 out of 5 Stars