Minis – Star Wars (Prequels)

So for the Mini-Reviews my feeling on the format is just a quick blurb, build, stat, and score followed by a ‘Winner’ at the end in order to make it more like a competition between the smaller builds. There’s not a lot of this kind but Lego typically has these sort of Mini-builds which I feel shouldn’t be forced into a normal full-review. In that respect let’s kick off with some Mini Star Wars builds from the prequels.


Name: Republic Gunship (4490) – Of all the builds here this one is oddly the most iconic looking.

Knoll: 5.5 Minutes


Build: 6.5 Minutes


  • Weight: 78 Grams
  • Pieces: 102 and 19 Steps
  • Price: $22.50 on Amazon
  • Score:


Name: Y-Wing (#???) – This one is unique due to it not being a set, but something you build from other sets with spare parts, which is very capitalistic of Lego tbh.

Knoll: 5 Minutes


Build: 9 Minutes


  • Weight: 31 Grams
  • Pieces: 77 and ?? Steps
  • Price: You need to buy 4 sets for this so you’re better off buying as parts.
  • Score:


Name: Sith Infiltrator (4493) – I was missing 3 pieces here and all were the silly little lightsaber pieces which is why I (personally) found this build annoying.

Knoll: 3.5 Minutes


Build: 6 Minutes


  • Weight: 54 Grams
  • Pieces: 55 and 15 Steps
  • Price: $23.39 on Amazon
  • Score:


Name: AT-TE (4495) – This is a quirky little build, but it’s construction symbolizes how weird the new Star Wars models are compared to the old ones.

Knoll: 4.5 Minutes


Build: 5.5 Minutes


  • Weight: 50 Grams
  • Pieces: 63 and 15 Steps
  • Price: $24.90 on Amazon
  • Score:


Alright then unlike the original this is a bit harder to decide a clear winner; however I think in this case while the Y-Wing gains a higher score for many reasons, it’s the Gunship who wins here. This is because of how difficult it is to get the Y-Wing even by parts (I actually have 2 parts that I bought which are slightly wrong length) and considering my love of the original animation of Clone Wars the Gunship is not only iconic, but well received.

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