Minis Star Wars (Original)

Alright continuing our Mini-Review segment this time we have the Original movies sets with the classic Falcon and AT-AT as well as others.


Name: AT-AT (4489) – Aww look at it, it’s like a cat or a tiny dinosaur model.

Knoll: 5 Minutes


Build: 6 Minutes


  • Weight: 56 Grams
  • Pieces: 98 and 16 Steps
  • Price: $29.95 on Amazon
  • Score:


Name: Star Destroyer (4492) – I love this, but I want to throw it into a sandbox.

Knoll: 5 Minutes


Build: 7.5 Minutes


  • Weight: 71 Grams
  • Pieces: 87 and 23 Steps
  • Price: $13.95 on Amazon
  • Score:


Name: Imperial Shuttle (4494) – Having built this, it’s amazingly fragile.

Knoll: 4.5 Minutes


Build: 6.5 Minutes


  • Weight: 54 Grams
  • Pieces: 82 and 16 Steps
  • Price: $30.27 on Amazon
  • Score:


Name: Millennium Falcon (4488) – Oddly enough of the Falcon builds this is my least favorite.

Knoll: 3.5 Minutes


Build: 5.5 Minutes


  • Weight: 62 Grams
  • Pieces: 87 and 19 Steps
  • Price: $29.99 on Amazon
  • Score:


So then out of all the mini-builds who wins? Sorry but some of these should be harder because it’s clearly the AT-AT. While the Falcon is nice it needs more detail. The Destroyer also lacks the size to give the true impact it deserves. The AT-AT though is cute though and is clearly the winner of this Mini challenge.

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