Lego Movie – MetalBeard’s Duel (70807) Review


Lego Movie – MetalBeard’s Duel (70807): Alright now that my Minecraft gifts have been settled, let’s get back into some other reviews. This time we review from the critically acclaimed Lego Movie with one of my more favorite characters – Metalbeard. I must say though – I feel like this set caused an argument at Lego – normally sets have a ‘way’ about them to not include extraneous pieces and instead find clever ways around it; however this throws that right down the drain.


Time to Knoll: 38 Minutes (One of the longer Knolls)


Time to Build: 17 Minutes (Police Mech) / 18.5 Minutes (Metlabeard)




  • Pieces: 412 and 20/31 Steps – Manual (49 Pages)
  • Price: $27.98 on Lego and $36.09 on Amazon
  • Weight ??? grams (Sorry folks lost this setting up new desk)
  • Combo Points: (7X16X1X1) = 112 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 96mm x 48mm x 86.4mm or 398.1 cm³, but adding the other parts 407.89 cm




  • Uniqueness: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 3 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 4 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 5 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So I realize that despite this site being active for more than 6 months now – I’ve yet to barely mention let alone formally review The Lego Movie.  For those who don’t know released on Feb 7 2014 (nearly 2 years ago wow). Despite being snubbed at the Oscars for animation at the end of the day a review of this movie is simple: Pure fun. The movie is visually stunning and the attention to detail where everything is made of bricks was a perfect choice. The blend of multiple properties and locations is also well handled to not seem fatigued.


If I have any issue with the movie – the plot is ‘while lampshaded’ a bit standard hero’s journey. I also am wary of how this leads to more products of less good intentions and attention. Considering Lego Dimensions and a Lego Batman movie those fears are not diminished. At the end of the day though if you like animation, or Lego in any way the movie is well worth your time.

The Lego Movie: 4 out of 5 Stars


Remix: I rarely utilize the ‘add up to 5 pieces’ part of the TopBrick remix rules, but making a Mad Max style vehicle to utilize the chaos that is the pieces made available to this set, and I’m pretty pleased with it (especially the sword prow, and working Gullwing doors). However as you can see I did need to add the 4 wheels.



Final Thoughts: The best part about this set is certainly the piece diversity you get from such a unique character as Metalbeard. It’s satisfying to see how well it stands with the weird peg-leg, and the fact it corresponds to the movie is a welcome plus. That being said – while I like the movie itself I’m not sure if this is a display set.

Final Score: 3 out of 5 Stars

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