Lego Classic – Brick Separator vs. Brick Popper – Battle Review

Sorry there’s not a typical review this week, but something I’ve been meaning to document for a while now is the new Brick Popper (I actually got a free one from Pley with my first set), and how it fares compared to the Lego Separator.


Now for those unaware the now iconic orange separator above is actually a rather recent addition having only come around in 2011. There was a previous version but it lacked the technic axle, and the razor edge on the opposing side. However in some respect the official separator isn’t perfect, but then neither is the new kid on the block (Brick Popper) a fan creation that has gotten some serious production and marketing penetration. How though do they rank against each other? Well I’ve devised a 16 point test of various time you would use a separator (if you know of more, please add them in the comments.)


Test 1: Large Plate on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 2: 2 Large Plates (Same size)


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 3: 2×6 on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 4: 2 2×6 Plates


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 5: 3 2×4 Plates connected together on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 6: 1×2 with Center on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 7: 1×2 Plate on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 8: 1×2 Flat Plate on Same Size Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 9: 2×2 Flat Plate on Large Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 10: 2×2 Circle Plate with 2×2 Circle Flat Top


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 11: 2×2 Circle Plate with 2×2 Rounded Bottom


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 12: 1×1 Flat Plate on 1×1 Flat Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:

(Notice for Lego I used a slightly different method)



Test 13: 1×1 Flat Plate on 1×1 Circle Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 14: 1×1 Circle Plate on 2×4 Plate


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 15: 2×4 Plate on 2×6 Plate (Lined up)


Lego: / Brick Popper:


Test 16: 2 1×2 Plate (Lined up)


Lego: / Brick Popper:

(Again I used a slightly more unorthodox method that works better with Lego’s separator)



So then the big question – who won!?

In short it seems like if you had to choose one, that choice should be Lego’s Separator. The score’s tallied up are:

Lego Popper
Total 63 55
Average 3.9375 3.4375
Median 5 3


However while the score is Lego 7 Wins, Popper 3 Wins, and 6 Ties – without some bending that first test is a sure win for Popper, which really can happen often enough. On the other hand though there is a slight bit of worry that the metal of the popper could over time deform pieces. At the end of the day I think it makes sense for any serious builder to get both tools, and as usual – use the right tool at the right time.

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