TopBrick is Dead, Long Live TopBrick

So it’s been nearly over a year since the last update calling for a hiatus due to a bunch of conventions, weddings, and holidays. This became compounded by then having a 3+ month business trip to London. Because of the other things I’ve been doing regarding models, chainmail, and board games I realized trying to divide myself 7 different ways wasn’t going to work.

As such while this site will remain in it’s form here for a little while – it will eventually redirect to my new home for all things making (models, games, Lego, woodworking and metalcrafting, Kickstarter reviews, etc). The new site is

Have no fear as ALL content aside from Site News will be moving to PopTop. What this means as far as the in-depth Lego reviews go is that while not all posts on the new site will be about Legos, it will be a major portion of the site, and I’ll even make a custom RSS feed for those so inclined.

With that TopBrick is dead (was even de-listed for a time), but while it may die it will live on in a new life.