Lego City – High Speed Chase (60007) Review


Lego City – High Speed Chase (60007): Continuing with the car theme this latest set comes from Pley (aka I was hoping to not have a car theme), but I have to admit up-front this was one of the rare times Pley messed up. In short while I was only missing a single piece (you’ll notice I have a red spoiler instead of black) as the gif may show there was a whole amount of extra parts/tires that weren’t even from this set.


Time to Knoll: 20 Minutes


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Time to Build: 3.5 for Motorcycle, 10.5 for Police car, and 10 for Baddie Car


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  • Pieces: 283 and 9, 36, 30 Steps – Motorcycle, Police Car, Baddie Car (8, 41, and 30 Pages)
  • Price: $29.99 on Lego and $25.98 on Amazon
  • Weight 265 grams
  • Combo Points: (7X18X3X1) = 378 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 96mm x 48mm x 64.0mm for the main piece; however adding the remaining bits (plus removing the extra parts that were added to the blog accidentally) we get  ~356.29 cm³




  • Uniqueness: 1 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 1 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 2 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 2 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So this being our first Lego City set, let’s actually think for a minute about how many Lego Bricks would actually go into a city. Now Lego has been doing an advanced Creator series full of different buildings (which it’s unlikely I would review simply based on the time it would take) but an example 2 story building is roughly 2500 pieces.

Let’s simplify then – so Manhattan as Wikipedia says (it’s source is oddly dead) 59.13 km2 on land. However considering not all of Manhattan is actually skyscrapers, and there’s Central Park let’s just estimate based on buildings. Now Santa Fe Institute has stated there’s 1,066,354 Buildings in Manhattan with an average height of 8.4m tall. There’s then a sociologist called William Helmreich who wrote a book walking each block of the city estimating a total of 120,000 blocks in the city (which helps us more than sq km)

With blocks in NYC being 80m × 274m (from above Wiki page) we get 175360m³ which we can then multiply by 120k to get 21.04km³. Now this number assumes solid buildings of which we don’t have. However when you consider that it excludes any and all outside lamposts, benches, ramps/stairs, etc. and that buildings are mostly filled as is let’s say that the actual bricks we need here are 85% of that volume removed via empty space inside buildings.

That’s still 17.89km³ to deal with and considering the average brick (a 2×4) is 4.92cm we can then get a total count of 3.636×10^15 a whopping 3,636,178,860,000,000 Quadrillion bricks. However Lego only makes about 19 Billion bricks a year which seems like a massive amount. However to make the city would take 191,377 years so I suppose we should just stick to building at smaller scales…


Remix: Between the police car and the idea of using the baddie car as is – I clearly went for another Mad-Max style build this time trying to emulate the Gigahorse from the new movie. It worked sort of well enough, and I was even able to keep half of the baddie car intact (fitting right in) I do wish I had some pistons though. As for rules go I had to remove 1 motorcycle wheel and add two technic pins for the back wheels but otherwise kept in my 5 piece rule.



Final Thoughts: Despite my issues service wise – as for a Lego City set (this being my first) this is pretty solid in adding 3 vehicles to your city, however it adds little to infrastructure which I feel is more important for any Lego City set to have (even small amount). My main score though is affected by how (while admittedly necessary) generic this set it.

Final Score: 1 out of 5 Stars

Lego Ideas – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) Review


Lego Ideas – Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108): Welcome to another fan-favorite review, by which I mean I am such a fan of this set, and it’s gonna bias my opinion. I am a big fan of Ghostbusters and Lego, and much like the DeLorean (which I totally bought after that review) this set hits that perfect strike zone of nostalgia, while also being a solid and perfect size set. It even comes with the nice display area for the figures enforcing that this is not a playset, but something you put on your bookshelf and re-build from time to time.


Time to Knoll: 38 Minutes


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Time to Build: 14 Minutes (People) and 42 Minutes (Car)


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  • Pieces: 508 and 8, 59 Steps – Manual (90 Pages)
  • Price: $49.99 on Lego and $49.99 on Amazon
  • Weight 301 grams
  • Combo Points: (13X38X1X1) = 494 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 128mm x 48mm x 70.4mm, but there’s a bit more so it’s closer to 461.99 cm³




  • Uniqueness: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 4 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 4 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So considering I’m not sure about buying another Ghostbusters set in the near future (as you will see in the coming – uhh months of reviews – may have gone a little crazy). I figured I have to talk about the new movie. There’s been a lot of complaints about how the trailer was cut (something about there being female characters I’m told) However I am decidedly pumped about it, and of course in this review I have to discuss the new car.


You can see a much better breakdown by Jalopnik of the elements, but it’s certainly more angular and oddly less ‘flair’ compared to the original. Of course the community of Lego is lightning fast so there’s already a new Lego Ideas for the new set. I’m not sure if it’s got everything right though – it feels to me lke even though this is simpler there’s be the option to get more of those lines in a larger set. You should back it though because I am clearly obsessed with Lego pop culture cars. (Goes off to order new face/hair combos for his set)



Remix: So with a Ghostbusters build I had the crazy idea to try and replicate the iconic logo. However given a shortage of pieces I can certainly say that this rendition will in fact haunt your dreams. So not ideal, but I’ll take it.



Final Thoughts: I’m so glad I decided to buy this for myself. I was actually considering getting the main headquarters and figured – that’s a bit too pricey (though knowing Lego it will most likely just go up in value), but this was a perfect thing to settle on, and between BttF and Scooby-Doo I now need to dedicate a shelf to classic, iconic cars. (Is so stoked for a Lego Ideas of the Jurassic Park car and the Jeep to pass)

Final Score: 5 out of 5 Stars