Lego Scooby-Doo – The Mystery Machine (75902) Review


Lego Scooby-Doo – The Mystery Machine (75902): So I realized due to some timing that I needed to buy myself a set to hit review scheduling, and daunted with such options of the local toy aisle I saw this and immediately realized I needed it in my life. Partly because while there is a whole line I didn’t want to miss out and have this end up being 5 times the price a few years from now, but also because I loved Scooby-Doo growing up, and this is a perfect display piece. (Well once you put away the zombie and tree)


Time to Knoll: 18 Minutes


Time to Build: 28 Minutes for the Van, and another 3 for the Baddie


(Here’s the backside opened up)




  • Pieces: 301 and 63/17 Steps – Manual 1 and 2 (The split though is a bit weird) (41 and 71 Pages)
  • Price: $29.99 on Lego and $28.60 on Amazon
  • Weight 251 grams
  • Combo Points: (6X14X2X1) = 168 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 48mm x 112mm x 96.0mm or 516.1 cm³




  • Uniqueness: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 4 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So as you may noticed there’s been a change away from trying to get pictures on my coffee table. This is mostly because it was always such a pain to find a good time for when the lighting is right, and moving all the books and other such material on it. The other upside of this change is that I can work on improving lighting overall (my technique that is), and because of a camera setup I can start adding knoll and build gifs of which this review will be the first!

And the build (at least the van itself)


Remix: So with that iconic side panel, I felt the only course of action was to make my own ‘Mystery Machine’. It’s got dials and panel, and the round things – as for what it does? Well the world may never know. (Debated putting scary face on there, but he’s the 1 piece w/o instead)



Final Thoughts: What else can I say? This is a perfect set for 30 of your US dollars, and if you had any sort of childhood watching this cartoon and playing with Lego please do. This is the set 7 year old you wanted then, and the set 20 or 30 year old you wants now.

Final Score: 5 out of 5 Stars

Lego Minecraft – The Dungeon (21119) Review


Lego Minecraft – The Dungeon (21119): So I know I just did a bunch of Minecraft reviews due to Christmas gifts, but I swear the random order from Pley decided to give me this (and make me want to again add it to my existing combo) This time we have something more underground – particularly a monster spawner.


Time to Knoll: 14 Minutes


Time to Build: 18 Minutes


Time to Build: 0.5 Minutes (Rebuild)




  • Pieces: 219 and 31 Steps – Manual (46 Pages)
  • Price: $19.99 on Lego and $19.35 on Amazon
  • Weight 245 grams
  • Combo Points: (2X6X1X2) = 24 points
  • Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): 64mm x 80mm x 83.2mm or 435.98 cm³ however it doesn’t go all the way so it’s more like ~428.62 cm³




  • Uniqueness: 2 out of 5 Stars
  • Aesthetics: 3 out of 5 Stars
  • Fun to Build: 2 out of 5 Stars
  • Hoarding: 2 out of 5 Stars




What Else?

So we have the Monster Spawner here, and this set has a rare two mobs of zombies included – so let’s imagine if we had one in the real world – how long would it be before the world was covered in zombies?

Well Earth’s total land mass is 148,939,063.133 km2 and Minecraft’s spawners create 4 mobs every 10-39.95 seconds. Let’s be as forgiving and say that all mobs are zombies and it spawns always 10 seconds.

Officially Minecraft’s scale is 1 meter per block. Now Zombies are the same size as Steve, but considering the sizing let’s say you can fit 2 zombies in 1 block if they were packed. With that size it’s easy to determine we would need 148,939,063,133 zombies. Multiply that by the spawn rate of 4 every 10 seconds and we get a total of 372,347,657,833 seconds.

This means that it would take a total of 11807.0667755264 years to fully fill the world’s landmass with zombies. So I think until the year 13823 rolls around we will be fine. (Though tbh we might start worrying before then)


Remix: So for this remix I thought about making one of those island/sandy beach type billboards. It worked out sort of how I like with the treasure chest, sun, and tree, but I did need to use a bunch of pieces as counterweight.



Final Thoughts: Of the Minecraft sets, this provides a nice amount of pieces, and 2 zombies – but it really lacks enough uniqueness of overall look to be a good set to buy compared to other Minecraft sets. If you find it cheap it’s a great addition, but I think it should have tried to be more cavelike and not have so much sand/ground.

Final Score: 2 out of 5 Stars