Versa Bricks Review

As promised, here is my review of the recent Kickstarter for Versa Bricks. If you are not familiar with Versa Bricks – it began as a decent Kickstarter for some 3D printed parts with the goal of being able to bridge parts from Lego, Hotwheels, and K’NEX. So then first to break this down, let’s abstract this into seeing how Versa Bricks works with each type on it’s own, then a whole.

Works with Lego:


All pieces actually do fairly well here in terms of fit, but it sadly does lack that classic snap that Legos have. Despite being the same kind of plastic, it feels like snapping something hard into something a bit more chewy. The size is right though, and there’s no looseness or play.


Works with K’NEX:


Here I think is where Versa Bricks doesn’t do enough. The holes mean the only K’NEX connection is via a pole, which means that the other types of connections have no play here. Also the holes on the lengthside of the brick have a tough fit, yet widthwise it’s loose and spins – meaning you need to use the Lego to stabilize. Also this does not work with the latest KNEX which also has a smaller version, and while you can interop between large/small K’NEX to avoid this- it’s a slight.


Works with Hotwheels: 


This works with 3 out of the 4 connections, and despite the change Hotwheels made to their connection system to stabilize connections (The tracks are still compatible with the old hookups) they work with the new tracks. However the main failure here is that the piece meant to fit the outside of the track actually scrapes the new tracks if you slide it on, and bends trying to snap/unsnap. As I have two connections I can confirm it might be the track, but the pieces are not.


Overall Score:


I will admit that understandably the rating here isn’t as painful – right now there is nothing that can cleanly combine these three systems like this. However this is the first production run from the company, and the first of it’s kind. As such I can only hope that further usage will provide a superior product, and possibly something that’s even more versatile.