Topbrick Updates #10 – Fall Hiatus

So last time I mentioned some new extracurricular things I was doing, and the need to shift time around. Well considered I totally missed last week’s review – you can take that as a sign how my schedule has worked out. In short I’ll be at various conventions, weddings, and other events every weekend until November. I’ll be doing some things in the meantime, and should be able to get back to normal postings on Tuesday once the next 2 months are over.

Sorry, but I’d rather this remain a fun hobby I do then a slog I have to pull off every week with posts and reviews.

Topbrick Updates #9 – Moving to Tuesday’s

As the title says, don’t worry you will get a review (in like 11 days though). Basically because of some changes to other sites I write for, and a new project I will be starting up for making and model kits I need to shift some days around to make sure everything can get out on time. Plus with a weekend on the following side of reviews there’s a higher likelihood I won’t have to skip because I ran out of time.

See you cats next Tuesday then, but as a bit of spoiler the set will be pretty much the last reasonable Ideas set I could do (having nearly done them all), but no worries it’s not Big Bang Theory as I refuse to even rent that.